The ultimate VN jam advice

2 min readJul 4, 2022

It’s “plan for half of the jam”.

One half… and relax.

For example: If the jam is 1 month, plan your production so that under normal circumstances you’ll be done in the first 2 weeks. If it’s half a year long, plan something you will finish in the first quarter. And so on.

Its beauty lies in the overwhelming time reserve. This way, even if you’re not very good at time and project management, it’ll still have your back and save you from over-scoping, crunching and stress. At the end of the jam you’ll have a successfully completed project, and can move on with a clean slate.

The price? Half the VN. Half as long, half as detailed, half as cool as those for whom it all worked out. It’s a high cost, but it’s an honest bargain. Not a magic tip saying that you can have it all.

One last thing — don’t try to “optimize” and look for a “middle ground”, such as planning for 3/4 of the jam. You’ll be increasing size and complexity, while decreasing margins at the same rate. And immediately lose the main advantages of the rule which are limiting the scope, and absorbing unplanned events and complications.

So don’t. If you’re going to do it at all, apply this rule in all its power and simplicity, that’s what it’s for. Plan for half of the jam. And if your goal is primarily to realize a VN with a production plan of a certain length, well… join a jam that’s double that length.